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Version 1.0: VideoPress Support, Improved Comments, and App World February 4th, 2010

Very happy to announce that the Open Source WordPress for BlackBerry app has wrapped up the beta phase, and version 1.0 is now available. Thank-you to the tens of thousands of beta users who have provided invaluable feedback and feature enhancement ideas these past few months. We submitted this version to the BlackBerry App World […]

Speed Improvement, UI Enhancements, and Video Library Support November 11th, 2009

We are inching ever so close to the 1.0 release, with today’s beta version update available at Here is what’s new: Based on all the great feedback, we reworked much of the UI layout for the main view, blog view, and media view Ability to upload videos from your media library New option […]

Reply to Comments, Gravatars, French, Italian, and More ! October 7th, 2009

We’ve been diligently working on a slew of new features for the latest v.157 beta which is available now. Lots going on, and really happy with the feedback and participation in the community as we get close to a 1.0 release. Here’s what’s new: We’ve updated the comments UI and also added: Gravatar support Ability […]

BIS Support in New Beta Available Now August 18th, 2009

Thanks to all your feedback, we have a new beta available for download today. The most requested feature that we’ve been working on, is support for BIS via the BIS-B connection layer. We’d love feedback in the forums on how BIS is working for people on various devices and with different providers. In addition to […]

Beta Available Now July 28th, 2009

Hi everyone ! Things are progressing nicely with this beta test thanks to everyone who has posted on the forums and on trac. We really appreciate all the feedback and time spent by all of you beta testers. Today we have a new beta, version for you to download. Changes include: Improving response time […]

Beta Available Now July 20th, 2009

A new week, a new beta ! Beta release version is available now: This releases introduces a big upgrade on how the app finds your site via XML-RPC. If you’ve had trouble adding your sites with the previous betas, it’s time to upgrade and try this one out. Here is the full list […]

Beta Available Now July 14th, 2009

New beta release v is available now: This releases fixes a few character encoding issues including the double encoded Ampersand bug. This new beta also has improved error handling and more intuitive error messages to assist with the initial setup. If you have any issues, please head over to the forums.

Beta Available Now July 10th, 2009

New release v This releases deals specifically with text encoding. The app now properly displays text encoded with the following character sets including: ISO-8859-1 UTF-8 UTF-16BE US-ASCII This should fix the issue that some Chinese language users were reporting. In addition, this beta now handle “Precompound Unicode”. We are also including support for […]

Beta Available Now July 9th, 2009

New beta is available right now: This new version addresses the following: Better handling of XML-RPC endpoint, including the ability to enter in the exact location if the app isn’t able to identify it on it’s own Proper identification of the user agent which should allow this to work with plugins such as Bad […]

Beta Available Now July 8th, 2009

As you can tell, we are pushing out updates as quickly as possible here. Beta is now available from, and addresses the following issues: Corrects a problem with some self-hosted WordPress sites with version < 2.7 Fixes an issue with WordPress installs in subfolders A few spelling / copy issues Fixes a categories […]


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