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Posted on 18 Jun 13 by Cheri Rowlands

Did you know WordPress for BlackBerry is an Open Source project, which means anyone, including you, can play a part in its development?

WordPress for BlackBerry is released under the GNU General Public License. Both our app and source code are free to download and use however you’d like. In return, if you’re able, we’d love it if you contributed your code, design skills, or even your suggestions for this project.

Our developers now discuss development plans and progress at under the “BlackBerry” tab. We invite you to follow along and join the discussion there. You can also follow the changes to our source code in Trac. (The login system uses the registration.)

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One Response to “Get Involved”


    i think blackberry can do very well in kenya if blackbery can take a minute to
    advertise, for example blackberrys internet services are very cheap as compared to
    other internet services by a difference of about kshs 150 .


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