Version 2.2.6 Now Available for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

Posted on 5 Feb 13 by Danilo Ercoli

WordPress for BlackBerry OS10Version 2.2.6 of WordPress for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook is now available on the BlackBerry World.

What’s New?

The number one priority is to make the app more stable, and WordPress for BlackBerry now runs beautifully on both BlackBerry 10 devices and the PlayBook.

  • Improved support for connecting over HTTPS.
  • Stability improvements. We continue to make the app even more stable. In this release we fixed more than 20 bugs.
  • Code cleanup and optimization.

What’s Next?

Development is continuing at a very rapid pace. We are already marching towards the next big release of the app. If you would like to get involved please visit

What would you like to see improved in the app? Post a comment here or follow us on Twitter at @WPBlackBerry to get in touch!

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12 Responses to “Version 2.2.6 Now Available for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook”

  1. saddington

    congrats guys. great release!

  2. Denver

    …also for anyone else in a similar situation:

    the current workaround I’m using is to select “Settings” after choosing a blog. This shows the account details, and you can confirm which username you’re logged in under.
    (The order of the accounts in the “Choose a blog” menu seems to be the order in which they were added. First account added at the top of the list, and last at the bottom.)

    (Also if you’re editing on the BB Z10 – after editing, swiping down from the top of the screen brings up the action bar at the bottom with the menu buttons.
    This wasn’t apparent as a new user of the device =:)

  3. riannurherdian

    AWESOME BLACKBERRY APPS ! .. thanks wordpress .. :)

  4. Seb the thief

    Quick tip since no one mentioned this. Because this application runs in Android runtime, it sometimes requires you to hit the “back” button. Since the Z10 and Q10 don’t have this button, a built in gesture has been set as a secondary option.

    Like the above comment by Denver suggests, you can swipe down from the top bezel to see the bottom bar and thus, press back. OR! you can swipe diagonally from the bottom bezel from right to left (like this : \ ) to trigger the back function.

  5. Kurt Urbano

    Does this have any effect on SEO?I’m having some trouble with my topics not showing in Google.. it only shows home page

  6. tresloukadu

    Hello, could you tell me if this is a native version for BB10? I found some people telling in comments from BlackBerry World telling this app is an Android version and for that reason I avoided to download. I have an interest in this app because I used a lot but now that I migrated to a BB z10 i’m missing this tool. Thanks lot!

    1. Danilo

      Unfortunately, there is not a native version for BB10. You need to install the one available on the BlackBerry Store, that is the port of the android version.

  7. mandyjade

    can it work on my bb bold9300

  8. themba

    Blackberry saported

  9. sawunggaling02

    Terima kasih

  10. YOBI Erick Barthel

    Jai bien


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