WordPress for BlackBerry Security Update Available

Posted on 11 Mar 11 by Danilo Ercoli

WordPress for BlackBerry version has been released to BlackBerry App World.

WordPress for BlackBerry is a security update that also improves the communication layer within the app. To store your credentials, the app is now using a completely different, strongly encrypted storage model. Due to these changes, we’ve held back on developing new features in this release to make sure the transition to the new storage model is as smooth as possible. While the app should transfer your credentials to the new storage model, you might be forced to re-add your blogs/sites when updating. (Draft posts will not be erased, so once you have re-added a blog the old drafts should become visible again.)

Other changes include:

  • You can now select which type of the Media API that should be used for uploading photos and videos.
  • Added the Preview for Private Posts/Pages
  • Improved the preview screen, which is now using the BlackBerry browser or any browser installed on your device.
  • Fix for VideoPress issue when uploading multiple videos #181.
  • Fix for app permission issues that could freeze the app if all permissions are not set to Allow #179.
  • Fix for postID that are bigger than the XML-RPC specification #180.
  • Improved the communication layer.
  • Improved the XML-RPC calls.
  • Fix for post/page comments setting that allow people to post comments on new articles created using the app #163.
  • Other minor changes.

Do you have questions or feedback on how we can make the app better? Please visit the WordPress for BlackBerry forums and tell us your thoughts! Also make sure to a follow @WPBlackBerry on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

Note: Depending on your region or country, you may not see the latest version in BlackBerry App World yet. However, the new release should be available for download on your device starting today.

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18 Responses to “WordPress for BlackBerry Security Update Available”

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  4. unexpectedtraveller

    Throughout the whole of yesterday and this morning (CET), I tried to upgrade my version of WP on my BB Storm 2 but the download keeps getting stuck on the 127k mark. I tried pausing/resuming and cancelling/restarting but still have not had any success. Any tips?

    1. Danilo

      The download issue should be fixed.

  5. Mat

    Arg – after the update i have to install all blog-accounts again – stupid.

  6. Juegos Friv

    Very Nice, muy bueno el Blackberry es mi teléfono favorito

  7. asalgado

    Mat, not only I also had to set up all my accounts again, it alson don’t let me add more than one account!!!

    1. Danilo

      Could you please download the latest version that fixes this issue.

  8. Martin Lormes

    The app is permanently asking me permission to use location information. No matter how often I deselect this and then hit “Save” it keeps coming back. What if I really don’t want to use that feature?

    BB9700 with OS version 6

  9. TheNorEaster

    Facing some major PC problems of my own, I finally decided to download WP for BB again. The improvements over previous editions have been substantial — and I am very grateful for this — but I do hope to see some more improvements in the near future.

    For instance, WP Media cannot read all the photographs I have stored on my BB — just a few recent uploads.

  10. Black Friday

    Thanks, will update my Blackberry tonight! Thank you for the App. it is one of my favorites.


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