Speed Improvement, UI Enhancements, and Video Library Support

Posted on 11 Nov 09 by Raanan Bar-Cohen

We are inching ever so close to the 1.0 release, with today’s beta version update available at http://blackberry.wordpress.org/install

Here is what’s new:

  • Based on all the great feedback, we reworked much of the UI layout for the main view, blog view, and media view
  • Ability to upload videos from your media library
  • New option to set media file properties (filename, caption, title, and position)
  • Created a new file browser that resembles the native BlackBerry file browser
  • Big improvements in the speed at which you can view and manage comments
  • Lots of optimizations for uploading photos and videos using base64 encoding
  • Indonesian language support updated thanks to Kate of Pixel Insert
  • Improved French language support thanks to Yann Nave of blog.onbebop.net

Here are a few screenshots of the new beta:

If you are running one of the latest versions of the app, it should prompt you to upgrade. If not, you can always download the latest version by pointing your mobile browser to: http://blackberry.wordpress.org/install

And always, if you have any issues, please post to the forums so we can effectively track and respond to the issue:  http://blackberry.forums.wordpress.org/

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73 Responses to “Speed Improvement, UI Enhancements, and Video Library Support”

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  2. Anderson Currry

    Great update, I’m sure my readers will be excited..

    Thanks Guys….

  3. volume4

    Awesome work Danilo and co.!

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  5. nena

    Doing great. I ♥ it very much!!

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  7. Jeremiah

    I was not able to upload a video. When browsed to the directory where they are saved on my blackberry Bold, there were no videos listed.

    Maybe next rev I’ll be able to do it.

    1. Danilo

      @Jeremiah —
      the latest beta (.169) supports the following file types: mp4, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, m4v . The 1.0 release should also support the 3gp file type.

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  9. Jamari Fox

    Thanks for this update!

  10. John Blake

    I can upload a photo to my WP Page. However, I can not edit or create a new blog post. I get an error that says: “You cannot manage Post! I have tried everything.
    BB Tour.

    1. Danilo

      @John Blake
      most probably your xmlrpc endpoint print out invalid character in the response message about the post.
      so the app could not recognize the response properly and locks the post functionality.

      did you try the blog refresh action? (click on the refresh button in the blog screen)

      can you post a few details in the forums so we can take a look — thanks.

  11. Berry Gadget

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  12. petergriffinisgod

    Since the update, I can’t post at all. Everything says “An error has occured”. I have tried refreshing and even deleting and re-adding my blog (which failed). I’m very frustrated, everything worked fine before this update.

    1. Danilo

      @petergriffinisgod —
      I wonder if this is a network specific issue.
      Make sure that permissions are set correctly. On your BlackBerry, go to “Options > Advanced Options > Applications”. Scroll through the list and highlight and select “WordPress for BlackBerry?”. Next, click on the app, and choose Edit Permissions and ensure they are set to “Allow”.
      You can also review the connection settings in the app setup screen.

      if your issue still there can you post to the forums so we can take a look?

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  14. petergriffinisgod

    I tried what you asked, Danilo, and no success. I even deleted the App and re-installed it with no success.

    1. Danilo

      Turn on the debug feature (located in the setup screen) and try to add a blog, or any other network actions.
      Then, send us the app log file and the device eventlog (instructions here)
      I know it’s tedious, but this could help us to solve your issue.

  15. petergriffinisgod

    Ok, here we go…when the update kept giving me errors and such, I deleted the App entirely. Now that I have re-installed it, it won’t allow me to Add my blog. When I try, it says this: We could not find the XMLRPC endpoint of your blog, please insert the complete URL below. Then, it gives an example. When I add my URL to fit the example given, I get the following message: An error occured. Therfore, I cannot try to post because I haven’t been able to even add my blog back in. If it helps, every time I start up the App, I get this message: Error while loading blog: 7afb333c7baea1cb24b0ad72eda302ce/File not exist! Thanks, Danilo, for your help.

    1. Danilo

      @petergriffinisgod —
      you can delete all cache files by a click on the remove button in the “setup screen”.
      or just follow the steps below:

      • close the app
      • Open the Media application on the BlackBerry
      • Press the Menu button and choose Explore.
      • Navigate to folder //store/home/user/wordpress/, or SDCard/…..
      • select the folder 7afb333c7baea1cb24b0ad72eda302ce/
      • Press the Menu button and choose Delete.
      • start the app and add your blog again

      (btw, you can remove the folder also using blackberry desktop manager, or any other software)

  16. petergriffinisgod

    Thanks, Danilo. That helped the start-up problem but I still get the same errors when I try to add my blog. Any other advice?

  17. Charles

    Still missing the ability to resize photos (650px is too wide for my blog). Oh how I hope that makes it to the 1.0 release.

    1. Danilo

      @From Charles —
      if you edit the post you see the html code of the inserted picture.
      So you can change the size of the picture, with % values for instance.
      I know it’s tedious, but it’s a simple way to do that right now…

  18. JohnJones

    will this have the geo API ?

    I do hope so blackberry has GPS built into a large number of their phones and it would be VERY cool


    John Jones


    1. Danilo

      @JohnJones —
      The BlackBerry app doesn’t support geotagging yet. This is something we are talking about, most probably this feature will added in a future release.

  19. petergriffinisgod

    I’m still hopelessly unable to add my blog to the App. When it asks for my url, how exactly should I enter it? My blog is leagueofpervertedgentlemen@wordpress.com

    1. Danilo

      @petergriffinisgod —
      You should insert this url: http://leagueofpervertedgentlemen.wordpress.com
      One more thing, I’ve done a test on your xmlrpc endpoint at http://leagueofpervertedgentlemen.wordpress.com. No problem found.

  20. debbievalour

    Hi, I am trying to blog using the internet svc on my blackberry. however, it gives me the error stating, “Local drafts cannot be sent”.
    what should i do about it?

    1. Danilo

      you should change the status of the post from “local draft” to published, for instance. then you can send the post to your blog.

  21. petergriffinisgod

    Ok, Danilo, thank you. I have tried at least a dozen times to enter the Url and still get the same “we could not find the XLMPRC end point of your blog” followed by “an error has occurred”. Anything else that may work?

  22. Mike

    Love the app. Couple of things I’d like to see, for the Storm, is the ability to type in landscape mode. I’d also like to be able to see my stats. Otherwise, a great app.

    1. Danilo

      @Mike —
      did you run the app with Compatibility mode OFF?
      (Go to Phone option-> Advanced options-> Application. Select the WordPress app from the list, push the menu button and select “Disable the compatibility mode”.)

      one more thing, on Storm2 Devices the “RotationLock” should be set to OFF for the WordPress app.

      1. Mike

        I always forget about turning the compatibility mode off. Thanks, it works perfect now. Now if I could get my stats on it then it would be the perfect app for me.

  23. petergriffinisgod

    Ok, Danilo, problem solved. I did not have the latest version of the BlackBerry Software. I updated my BB Software and – Shazam! I’m back in business. Just wanted to share this in case it helps someone else.

    1. Danilo

      @petergriffinisgod — glad to hear it’s all working for you. …

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  25. x4life

    Hi there, I am still getting the Could not fine the XMLRPC Endoint of your blog.

    Blog Name: http://x4life.wordpress.com
    Blackberry: Bold

    Appreciate any help provide. Thanks

    BTW I am a newbie!!!

    1. Danilo

      @x4life —
      have you looked at your connection settings? Click “Setup” when in the WordPress app and see what’s selected and try tweaking that.

  26. x4life

    Danilo, tried it. All options are on allow. Still doesn’t work :(

    Any other suggestions. Please help. Thx!!!

    1. Danilo

      Click “Setup” when in the WordPress app and set the connection type you want to enable.
      Then be sure to backup your berry through Blackberry desktop manager and do a soft reboot, and if it does not work, the hard reboot.

      1. x4life


        Nope, Still does not work – I still have the Xmlrpc.php not fond issue!!!

        HELP Please!!!


        1. Danilo

          did you try the Hard Reboot?
          In the WordPress app click on Setup and select all the options in the first box, leave “Enable Personal Setting” not selected.
          After that you could try to add your blog again.

          Remember that the URL of your blog is the following: http://x4life.wordpress.com (without the www at begining)

          If this doesn’t help you should set the connection parameters manually within the app. In this case you should select the “Enable Personal Setting” and fill the fields such as APN, gtw, etc, (usually these parameters are provided to you by your carrier).

  27. James

    I love wordpress but I really think this app needs some major work.
    The file uploader doesn’t correctly resize photos from my phone when I upload them to my blog. Also there are various users on my blog and this app doesn’t even allow me to view their posts. All I can do is see the comments from my Storm.

    1. Danilo

      to keep compatibility with older devices we are using an open source imgs encoder and sometimes the resized img contains more data than the original.
      If the resized img is larger then the app uploads the original img.
      To ensuring 640x480px images, you should set the photo dimensions in your berry camera settings.

      about the possibility to manage other people’s posts, what is the role of your user inside the blog? remembering that:
      #Editor – Somebody who can publish posts, manage posts as well as manage other people’s posts, etc.
      # Author – Somebody who can publish and manage their own posts

      if you have any other questions, can you post to the forum?


  28. kristanicole

    is there a Blackberry App for wordpress.com not org?

    1. Danilo

      @kristanicole — The App works with WordPress.com and self-installed WordPress 2.5.1 or higher, and WordPress MU 2.6 or higher.

  29. Courtney Elizabeth

    Hey folks…
    Just wanted to point out that if you ARE running the latest version of WordPress, and you’re still getting connection (XML) errors…(like I am)…there’s a chance that a Plugin could be the conflict. If you disable all plugins and it works, you should attempt to reactivate the plugins, one by one, until you figure out which one is the conflict… and maybe, post back here, so others know. :)

    I’ll do the same when I figure out which one causes the error for me. I know it’s a plugin, as I deactivated all, and it connected great, just as it did before the upgrade. :)

    Hope this helps!

    Courtney Elizabeth

  30. courtneyeliza

    OK, I hate to say this…but…
    There is a conflict with the All-In-One SEO Plugin.

    When I deactivated this plugin, I was able to connect to the blog and refresh posts from the WordPress for Blackberry Application.

    When this plugin is ACTIVE, I receive a “A server comunications error occurred – Malformed blog response” (communications is spelled wrong in the app, btw)

    Just in case anyone else isn’t sure what their conflict may be…

    Hope this helps…

  31. Saturn V

    I tried posting something yesterday to my wordpress.com-hosted blog using WordPress for BlackBerry; the application handles fairly nicely, but the post that was uploaded ended up breaking the theme (Contempt).

    It would appear that some rogue code was added to the post by the app to handle an attached image. I had to remove the code and reformat the post from a web browser to fix it…

    1. Danilo

      @Saturn V —
      Thanks for your Feedback, we look into the issue as soon as possible.
      Meanwhile can you post to the forum so we can take a look — thanks

  32. willy

    I just buy my first blackberry, and i find this blog useful for me..

  33. tonybonesxxx

    it does not work with my blackberry tour say “Error starting WordPress modual WordPress-2 has verification errors or out of memory depening the attemp to relaunch it

    1. Danilo

      @tonybonesxxx — The app should works great on Tour!
      If you get any “OutOfMemoryError” messages, be sure to backup your berry through Blackberry desktop manager and do a battery pull (hard reset).

      if the issue still there, can you post to the forums so we can take a look — thanks.

  34. tonybonesxxx

    it does one of two message can’t load the module or out of memory i did a hard reset and it still does it. i have 80m of memory left. i have the latest firmware and i’m with sprint. hope some off these help…

  35. Sr. Edith

    I have a problem when I attach a picture as “Media” to a post. I locate the .jpg file fine, and it seems to attach as “Media.” I write the post, and make sure that its status is changed to “Published.”

    When I hit Submit, I get the circling “working” screen for as long as I let it run. I have saved the post, logged out and in, checked settings, checked the Blackberry system: all up to date.

    The clincher: as soon as I delete the picture from “Media” the post submits and posts with no problem in just an instant.

    The pictures in my BlackBerry are stored on the SD Media Card. The app seems to locate them fine when I’m searching, but does not want to send them.
    Blog in question: http://edithosb.wordpress.com

    1. Danilo

      @Sr. Edith — I wonder if this is a network specific issue.
      What types of connections are you using on your Berry?
      Click “Setup” when in the WordPress app and see what’s selected.

      On some networks the uploads process hangs when you have a large amount of data to transfer. There is no real solution for this type of errors (it could depends on your carrier settings. You should use other connection types (direct TCP or WI-FI for example).

      one more thing, did you have activated the “photo resize option” ?

  36. Sr.Edith

    @Danilo – Thank you for helping me.

    Under Setup, I’ve selected Direct TCP Stack, Wap 2.0 Gateway and BlackBerry Internet Service as enabled. I have not clicked “Is WAP connection?” below. Numbers were filled in by default for Gateway Port, Source Port, and Source IP.

    My carrier is Sprint PCS. It’s an unlimited data account. The problem has occurred both in Duluth MN and in Chicago IL, so it’s not location specific.

    Thanks ahead of time for any advice you can give me.

  37. Peter

    Just being pushy and wondering if/when I’ll be able to upload my blackberry’s .3gp videos along with my posts… That would just be too cool!!

    1. Danilo

      @Peter — the 1.0 release, that is very near, has the ability to record and upload videos from your phone. both 3gp and 3g2 will be supported .

  38. 天恒指数


  39. Blackberry Mobile India

    Thats a great effort. You have made blogging easy from Blackberry

  40. Aydın

    Still missing the ability to resize photos (650px is too wide for my blog). Oh how I hope that makes it to the 1.0 release.

    1. Danilo

      @Aydın — the ability to resize photos with user defined dimension (with an option to keep the aspect ratio) will be available within a couple of app release, but not in the next release that is near to be available.

  41. Nazilli

    I just buy my first blackberry,, and i find this blog useful for me…..

  42. Aydın

    Still missing the ability to resize photos (650px is too wide for my blog). Oh how I hope that makes it to the 1.0 release pls

    1. Danilo

      @aydin — you can choose the size of your photos when resizing is enabled.
      Open the blog option screen and enable the “Resize Photos” checkbox. Then, you can choose photos dimensions in the box that appears just below the checkbox. Alternatively, you can set the photo dimensions per post, just click on the menu -> settings when in write screen.

  43. miguel antonio ramos

    Going to be getting a blackberry in a few days, hoping WP support is up to par!

  44. michelle

    A good friend of mine has got a blackberry, and it is really amazing. The possibility of use wordpress is very good, but mobile devices are not the future of mobility, I think. Maybe ipads and company (perhaps blackberry has their ipad too..) do better, with higher screens. Anyway, good information here and it is good to see the internet changing today.


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