Reply to Comments, Gravatars, French, Italian, and More !

Posted on 7 Oct 09 by Raanan Bar-Cohen

We’ve been diligently working on a slew of new features for the latest v.157 beta which is available now. Lots going on, and really happy with the feedback and participation in the community as we get close to a 1.0 release. Here’s what’s new:

We’ve updated the comments UI and also added:

  • Gravatar support
  • Ability to open the URL of the author into the BB browser
  • A reply to comment feature, so you can moderate and respond all from the mobile device.

On the Post and Page screens we’ve also updated the UI and added:

  • The ability to open the comment list for a specific post
  • Support for the post excerpt field
  • Support for custom fields


  • Added French support, thanks to Yannn Nave of of
  • Added Italian support, thanks to Sandro Lusvardi of Danais

We’ve also added support for SD cards which should help with memory issues and also multimedia files.

If you are running one of the latest versions of the app, it should prompt you to upgrade. If not, you can always download the latest version by pointing your mobile browser to:

And always, if you have any issues, please post to the forums so we can effectively track and respond to the issue:

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41 Responses to “Reply to Comments, Gravatars, French, Italian, and More !”

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  3. Anderson Curry

    Great job on the app, makeing great progress.

  4. Modified Car Club

    Despite the current economical climate WordPress have made some great apps this year for mobile blogging keep up the great work guys. it works great on the blackberry 8900 and also the iphone app is good

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  6. Huginn e Muninn

    Very good news with the italian support. I hope the 1.0 will be released soon!

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  9. Shane - Inspiring Your Success

    This is excellent thank you.

    Is there any chance for Disqus support? I use Disqus so it tells me I have 0 comments.

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @Shane — Disqus doesn’t properly sync your comments back to WordPress, and therefore all client apps like the BlackBerry app will not work with Disqus. If you used IntenseDebate, for example, it would work perfectly due to the true syncing that IntenseDebate does with the WordPress comments system.

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  11. sasanach

    I repeatedly received error messages with this update stating that my device was low on memory (which it wasn’t) and that it could not access my photos (for reasons I cannot fathom since I could still locate them within the app, just not load them). Also, once in a new post screen it would not let me back out and I would have to do a battery pull just to exit the program. I deleted the app, then reinstalled it hoping for better results but got none. Alas, I am now without a working WordPress App for Blackberry… Hope this is constructive.

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  13. specpro

    Great App. Just one comment is that the app seem to be stuck in portrait mode even after i turn the phone horizontal landscape mode. Any idea how to fix this?

    1. Danilo

      @specpro —
      You need to run the app with Compatibility mode OFF.
      Go to option-> Advanced options-> Application. Select the WordPress app from the list, push the menu button and select “Disable the compatibility mode”.

      1. specpro

        Sorry, I can’t seem to find the advanced options you are referring to. When I press the menu key on my BB there is only “setup” in the menu list and clicking on that brings up one page of settings. Are we talking about the same version? I’m using

  14. Kirrin

    I’m still loving this app, and I’m loving the ability to see and reply to Comments. What I would like you great developers to provide, is a notification from the application when a comment is posted, that way we won’t have to rely on checking our e-mails to see when a comment is made.

    Just my suggestion.

    Loving the app. Thanks.

  15. ahrie

    The link install can’t found from my blackberry 8900 javeline browser, any idea

    1. Danilo

      looks to have been related to new WordPress mobile theme launch – – should be all better now.

  16. Joe Layman

    I am trying to install the Blackberry app and get an error message (page not found) each time – I’ve tried clicking the download link and keying it directly into my browser. Help?

    1. Danilo

      @Joe Layman
      looks to have been related to new WordPress mobile theme launch – – should be all better now.

  17. Curt Smith

    I was having problems with the version of the Blackberry app I was running so I just upgraded to the latest version of the beta ( and am running it on a Blackberry Curve 8320 with Blackberry OS 4.5.081. At first it gave me the XML-RPC problem other people have reported. However after using the option to remove cache files on the main menu that cleared up.

    Now, all of my posts and comments show up but now only 1 of my pages actually show up. It also isn’t the first page that’s showing which doesn’t make sense. To further troubleshoot I used the application to create a new page. I checked my blog on my computer and the new page showed up perfectly. However, when I went back to the list of pages on the Blackberry app my new page replaced the previous one and was the only page listed. I had hoped maybe (2) pages would’ve shown up.

    By the way, the problem I had with the previous version was it suddenly stopped inserting pictures into posts. If I tried to add a picture it locked up my phone. I tried different pictures but got the same result. I have not upgraded the Blackberry OS since installing this app originally therefore the problem seems to be a result of one of the later versions of this app unless I am missing something.

    So now I have (2) problems: only getting to access one page at a time and locking up my phone when inserting pictures into posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  18. dmfoto

    The link doesn’t seem to be working on my BB Bold…

    1. Danilo

      looks to have been related to new WordPress mobile theme launch – – should be all better now.

  19. areyoutheresoy

    I actually have problems refreshing my wordpress blog and comments on my bb curve, any ideas?

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      anything specific you can post to the forums ? that would help track this down — thanks

  20. Romantic Ways To Propose

    I got the app installed last night and am using it, but I’m seeing occassion locking of the software. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Danilo

      @Romantic Ways To Propose — very odd. did you try with a battery pop reboot.
      (With power ON, remove the back cover and pull out the battery. Wait about a minute then replace the battery and cover. Power up and wait patiently through the long reboot — ~5 minutes. See if things have returned to good operation.

  21. Spanish Training

    I had the same thing happen to me and what Danilo suggested helped me out. Sometimes a reset is all it needs :)

  22. Marry

    WordPress for BlackBerry ? Reply to Comments, Gravatars, French, Italian, and More !

  23. Emilee Upp

    Hi there, firstly, I would like to let you know that I think it’s a excellent site you have got here. My question is, I haven’t understood how to include your website rss or atom in my rss subscriber – where’s the link to your rss feed? Thanks

    1. Danilo

      @Emilee Upp – the RSS feed link is available at

  24. Archeris

    Can’t get the latest version downloaded. Guess it could be my conn but just keeps hanging mid-download. Will try again later.

    1. Danilo

      @Archeris — Most probably it depends on your wireless connection. you can try to download the app from App World.

  25. Liberar Blackberry

    Great Application! this works for a wp installation running on my domain?

    1. Danilo

      @Liberar Blackberry — yes, the app works with and self-installed WordPress 2.5.1 or higher, and WordPress MU 2.6 or higher.

  26. Ohio Art Schools

    I installed the app. I really like it. But, will be upgrading to a new phone shortly.

  27. Nike

    I’ve just installed the app. and I am totally loving it so far! Great job!!


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