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Posted on 20 Jul 09 by Raanan Bar-Cohen

A new week, a new beta ! Beta release version is available now:

This releases introduces a big upgrade on how the app finds your site via XML-RPC. If you’ve had trouble adding your sites with the previous betas, it’s time to upgrade and try this one out. Here is the full list of changes with this release:

If you have any issues, please head over to the forums.

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47 Responses to “Beta Available Now”

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  3. DanMiami

    Does NOT work on the 9530 – BlackBerry Storm. :(

    Does it work with WordPress fully hosted on my domain?

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @DanMiami – it works with the Storm and on self-hosted WordPress sites. Check out the FAQ for details re: the Storm & compatibility settings.

  4. Lorenzo Strambi

    Waiting for a Storm compatible version…

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @Lorenzo — it works with the Storm. You may need to tweak a setting detailed here:

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  6. formerfatguy

    I saw that this had been released. I opened my wordpress for blackberry app on my phone but it didn’t recognize that there was a new version available.

    had to point my browser to the download location and do it manually

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @formerfatguy — which version were you previously running ?

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  9. edu

    When do you think to be working with BIS? Thanks

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      We are actively working with RIM to sort out a few details — but no ETA at this time.

  10. Gareth

    It now connects on both pearl 8100 and storm 9500 using TCP connection which is not my ideal, waiting for BIS supported client.

    Post successfully uploaded using Storm with an image (added via sdcard). Post was also successfully saved as a local draft prior to publishing.
    Storm usage is still a little hit or miss when it comes to the navigation, lots of refinement needed to cater for the screen.I found it also to hang up trying to process scrolls or selections.

    Pearl has no Camera support, where as the Storm does from the client allowing the camera application to be opened to take a photo.

    Request for change: When viewing post listing, the first post should be un-highlighted when when any of the top three buttons are selected.

    Application Version:

    Application Version:

  11. Gareth

    Additional note: connected self hosted domain using WP2.8 not yet checked with 2.8.2

  12. Alexandra Paredes


    I’m having problems with the download link. I’m trying to download it from my BlackBerry and I get the following error “invalid .cod”. I hope you can help me, because I am very interested in testing this new version.


    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      Can you please post to the forums with details, we haven’t seen that error before — thanks.

    2. Gareth

      Alexandra, If you receiving this using the valid link and a supported BlackBerry Model then this will be associated to failure to properly download the file, this error is usually accompanied with a Numeric error which may help in troubleshooting the issue.In common instances it has been experienced with poor coverage, failing or intermittent connection at the time of download or if downloading via a BlackBerry Enterprise Server the BES Server found a problem.

      Article reference:

      Which is linked from:

  13. lala

    I downloaded the new release tuday, but I can’t connect to server: I put my xmlrpc link and it says “An error occurred Server returned http response code 500″ I’ve already changed authorizations.

    Phone Model : Blackberry Bold
    firmware: (platform .235)
    Url :

    can anybody help me please?

    1. Danilo

      just put into blog URL field.
      it should work fine.

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  16. Lala

    I tried it too and it didn’t work, but finally I found that authorization’s parameters wasn’t right: for my blog I hadn’t to allow writing to all as I read somewhere else

    1. Danilo

      I’ve just tried to add you blog into app with dummy user/pass, and your xmlrpc response was correct —> blog error : username/password not correct.
      You can use the support forum if you have any questions.

      1. LalaGP

        @Danilo, yes, I solved the problem by denying writing permissions in xmlrpc file :)

  17. Sikandar

    I’m still getting a T0 error when I try to refresh my posts, but pages and comments are coming through fine.. I can also post to my page fine.

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen

      please post to the forums with details so we can take a look — thanks.

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  25. Jim F

    Does this also work for self-hosted WordPress blogs?

  26. dario

    Danilo, I’m really tired to report errors, I suggest that don’t support us as beginnersm some people like me have blackberry sites so know what we are talking about. Your homepage would said in every section. This do not work with bis… A blackberry app that don’t work with bis is not a blackberry app really. Sorry guys but iyou are really slowly about this bis release$ maybe when the bis release we will have to check all again. Is my opinion. Certanly I would pay for the app because I need it, but I saw another app like this than as been release faster and will be paid, but works… I wish you luck to complet the project, but I leave the test feedback to other that can wait for you.

    1. Raanan Bar-Cohen


      I find your comments a bit odd.

      This is a public beta test, so you are welcome to wait until the 1.0 release, nobody is insisting that you provide feedback :) If you re-read the announcement post carefully you’ll find that we are looking for people to test and send us feedback, and that this is not a production 1.0 release:

      The BIS issue is something we are working on, and as you may know, requires RIM to do a few things on their end.

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  28. LeLe

    Hi, I would like to know if the difference between a local draft and a draft. Either way, it is a way I can begin blogging on my BlackBerry, save it and pick up on my netbook to finish and put in my pictures? I noticed the app is not good for picture placement…


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  30. Dominique

    Hi – I read all the comments above. I updated to the new beta everything was fine prior. I had previously done the “it works with the Storm. You may need to tweak a setting detailed here:” so when I went in this time to do it I was unable to do it because the disable the compatibility mode isn’t listed as one of the options.

    Despite that I keep getting the 500 code?

    Any other suggestions?

    This is what I tried: You need to run the app with Compatibility mode OFF. Go to option-> Advanced options-> Application. Next, select the WordPress app from the list, push the menu button and select “Disable the compatibility mode”.

    1. Danilo

      @Dominique — HTTP error code 500 “Internal Server Error” means that there was an error on the server while trying to handle the request. This error is not related to the “compatibility mode” issue.

      To get help for this error you can look at support forums.

  31. Dominique

    Another question. I cannot access my stats even though I have downloaded the stats plugin and verified the key. It say my login and password is incorrect. What does that mean? Is it talking about the login to my blog?

    1. Danilo

      @Dominique — When accessing the stats data on the servers the mobile app need to know your username/password .
      So, when the app shows a dialog asking your username/password, you should fill the form using your credentials (that could be differents from the blog credentials).


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