Posted on 8 Jul 09 by Raanan Bar-Cohen

Thanks for all the great feedback so far. To help facilitate all the conversations, we have opened up the WordPress for BlackBerry Forums. There you can post about getting help troubleshooting issues and also discuss new features and enhancements. To participate you’ll need a username which takes 2 seconds if you need to register for one.

If you are having any problems with the app during this beta phase, please use the forums instead of leaving a comment here on the blog.

And if you find bugs: Review the How To Report a Bug documentation and submit tickets over on

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12 Responses to “Forums”

  1. Katie

    I am trying to download to my blackberry curve and am having some issues. When I type in or click on the url I get an error message that says exactly:

    “HTTP Error 404: Not Found

    The parge you are trying to load could not be food. Please try loading a different page.”

    Is there something wrong with the link? I have a blackberry Curve 8330 with Verizon and unlimited blackberry internet, so it should work (unless it doesn’t work with verizon?).

    Any help would be great! I set up a blog with wordpress specifically because of the new blackberry app feature.

    1. Danilo

      looks to have been related to new WordPress mobile theme launch – – should be all better now.

  2. AffommahefDom

    Hey there all just introducing myself to this awesome forum hope to become a nice member of this community soon!

  3. SoundJohn

    Hey! Thanx for this beautiful place of the Inet!!

  4. girligorgeous

    I have purchased an 8900 purposely for my wordpress blog and I am unable to log on. I have an exclaimation mark in a triangle next to my blog name and when I try to enter posts or pages it tells me there are no posts found. When I click on the pen it tells me I cannot manage post.

    If I click refresh I get another error message saying tunnel failed.

    Please help me, I have tried downloading again but the same thing still happened. Thank you very much.

    1. Danilo

      you have posted a few details in the forums. thanks.

  5. delaila

    I try to set up my wordpress..but cannot use cuz I must set
    Must put APN setting,Gateway..I don’t no to set up my setting.
    Please help me

    1. Danilo


      – Make sure that permissions are set correctly:
      On your BlackBerry, go to “Options > Advanced Options > Applications”. Scroll through the list and highlight and select “WordPress for BlackBerry”. Next, Click on the app, and choose Edit Permissions and ensure they are set to “Allow”.

      – In the WordPress app click on Setup and review the connection settings.
      You should select all the options in the first box and uncheck the “Enable Personal Setting”.

      After that you can try to add your blog in the app, remember that the URL of your blog is the following: (without the www at begining)

      if this doesn’t solve, can you post to the forums so we can take a look?

  6. asserKichfess

    I want to say it is a fantastic forum, found here many interesting topics, and some answers I looked for since few months and now I found this site and can say, why I didn`t found it earlier …
    Anyway, hope you will not angry on me if I will ask to much. (:

  7. online stock trading guru

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    I’m Out! :)

  8. asunw

    I have a Blackberry 8330. Software version 4.5.

    My blog is

    First I get the startup error, then the xmlrpc error and when I reenter it I get, “A server communicatio error occured. File system full”

    Help please!

    1. Danilo

      @asunw — this is a well known issue on the 8330, it has the fs locked, and you can solve it setting the cache files location to the SD card.
      (Click “Setup” when in the WordPress app and set the “Cache Files Location” to SD Card, then save the changes and Restart the app).


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